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Guest Post Outreach Services

Guest Post Outreach Services

What is Guest Posting?

The process of guest posting involves creating content and posting it on another website that someone else owns. A link pointing towards the client site is added into this post to provide a backlink for them. The website that will be publishing the blog gains valuable content that they can give to their readers and the client gains valuable backlinks that they would otherwise not be able to get. It is a win-win scenario for both parties and allows website owners a way to gain backlinks that would otherwise be impossible to get.

Our Guest Posting Service

We provide guest posting services. It is one of the best ways to add unique and powerful backlinks to your website which will help it rise up through the rankings.

Guess posting will allow you to give your site an edge over your competitors. You will be adding niche relevant backlinks to your site that your competitors will not be able to duplicate. By combining guest posts with a sound overall SEO strategy, you will be setting yourself up for success in the race for the top positions.

Our Process

There are two steps that are necessary in order to complete the guest posting process. The content must be created to handover to the blogs for posting, and the blogs must be contacted in order to initiate the arrangement. This is where we come in.

Our outreaching service will contact high-quality blogs that are related to your specific niche and find these posting opportunities for your site. We will target blogs that have a domain authority rating depending on the package that you purchase with us.

We offer 4 different levels of guest posts:

DA20-40: $79

DA40-60: $199

DA60-80: $349

DA80-100: Contact Us

We also offer links that are placed on premium magazine websites and we can provide custom quotes for clients with individualized needs.

Which Level Is Right for Me?

The answer to this question will depend on a variety of factors. If you are unsure what package you should use, we recommend basing it off of the competitiveness of the keyword that you are targeting.

  • If you are ranking for a highly competitive keyword, you may want to purchase guest posts with a domain authority of 60 or higher.
  • If you are ranking for a medium competitive keyword, guest posts with a domain authority of 40 to 60 should do fine.
  • If you are ranking for a low competition keyword or a longtail keyword, guest posts with a domain authority of 20 to 40 will be perfect for you.

What to Expect with This Service?

By using our service, you can expect your guest posts to appear on high-quality blogs. These blogs will be contacted directly and will contain a link pointing back to your website. You can use guest posts to power up your backlink profile and push it up through the rankings.

We have seen many clients take a dramatic jump up through the rankings after using our service. Because we focus on high-quality blogs, your site will not be placed at risk of any penalties or dropping rankings. Our services is 100% white hat and completely safe to use. In fact, we use it on all of the websites that we own ourselves.